Demographic information

Business students are often required to analyze demographic information for specific regions to support market research, environmental scans, entrepreneurial study anfpmr_cover_2012d other business-related research.

What is meant by demographics?
According to Investopedia, demographics refers to “Studies of a population based on factors such as age, race, sex, economic status, level of education, income level and employment, among others … Segmenting a population into demographics allows companies to assess the size of a potential market and also to see whether its products and services are reaching that company’s most important consumers.” (

What are the best resources for finding demographic data?
Calgary Community Profiles (City of Calgary)

Calgary Demographics  (Calgary Economic Development)

Statistics Canada: Census Metropolitan Area of Calgary (2011 Census data)

Alberta Demographic Data and Analysis (Alberta Treasury Board & Finance)

Population and Demography (Alberta Office of Statistics and Information)

Statistics Canada: Province of Alberta (2011 Census data)

Alberta Economic Dashboard

Population and demography (Statistics Canada)

Canadians in Context (Employment and Social Development Canada)

FP Markets: Canadian Demographics (print book – available in the Business Library)

United States
People and Households (United States Census Bureau)

Demographics (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Demographics and Social Statistics (United Nations Statistics Division)

Country Statistical Profiles (OECD)

World FactBook (Central Intelligence Agency)



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