SGMA217 Research Help

Do you or your group need help with research for the SGMA217 Fall 2014 Group project? Blog_SGMA217

The Business Library can help!

1. The Research guide for this project is very helpful in providing resources to find information on all parts of the assignment. Note that the guide has tabs to divide the resources into the following topics:

Company Information
Industry Information
Journal and magazine articles
Demographic and Social Trends

Note that the “Citing” tab shows you the basics of how to cite information sources within your paper as well as how to construct the list of references according to APA format.

2. The Library reference staff is happy to help you on an individual basis or as a group. You may visit the Library reference desk, phone (402-220-6113) , email ( or chat live with a Librarian through instant messaging (see the Library’s homepage)

3. The PowerPoint presentation from your class by Liz Watson is available on the homepage of the Research Guide or directly at: SGMA217 Class PowerPoint.

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